Thursday, 28 June 2012

Rotating Tower Skyscraper

Dubai is famous for its ludicrous lavishness and adding in this a new surprise has come up in the line – Rotating Tower Skyscraper.

Rotating Tower Skyscraper is going to be a building with Dynamic Architecture which is capable of rotating by having a constant motion making  each of its floor to rotate, spin and move around to change its shape constantly… Amazing!!!

This is one of the conjure and practical application of the newest technology made by human that is going to become a reality by the developers in Dubai.

‘Dynamic Architecture’ is the principle used by David Fisher, Florentine architect which has been used for the plan of making ‘Rotating Tower in Motion’ and this type of experiment has never been done before.

Each floor will rotate independent of the other one with a full angle of 360 degrees. Adding to this pioneer, enough electricity will also be produced by the building for itself and even for surrounding buildings also.. How so much electricity will come???

Actually, 48 wind turbines are going to be fitted between each of the floor that will be going to rotate and positioning of the solar panels will be done on the roof of the whole of the building and thus sunlight and wind will be the natural resources for generating this much amount of electricity and this will be the real innovation...

The Rotating Tower is going to consist of 59 rotating floors or more correctly can be called as modules, all of which will have a view of the outside world that will be constantly shifted.

The speed of rotating is 6 m/s so that the rotation will not get noticed by the residents. Designs that will be very complex are going to be made with the constantly changing exterior due to the independent rotation.

The skyscraper will be 313 m in height and will consists of 68 floors including apartments, offices and 6 star hotel and 5 grand villas on the top floor. Wanna have one for you!!!

The ‘Penthouse’ villa will be going to have a garden, Arabian majlis and a swimming pool and special elevators will be there for the transfer of the vehicles from down to top.

For maintaining the tower’s dynamic architecture, an extending platform of heliport will also be made on the top floor which will extend from its shell at the time of landing.

This is unbelievable and astounding phenomenon but will become a reality soon with the help of the newly established technologies...

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Forthcoming Revolutionary Computers: Carry PC in your Pocket

Scientists have always come out with some amazing technologies that beyond doubt shape our future; further Technologies have some freaking scientific concept behind it.

 Have a look at this thing:

What comes in your mind?? Pens, that’s obviously pens with cameras, Right?!  A BIG No!! If you think that this pen sort of instrument is just a pen with a camera! Then you are very wrong!

Scientists from Japan have developed a pen sort of device that projects a monitor and a keyboard on any flat surface which can be used as a desktop without any kind of difficulty. All you need then is just a pen with PC inside it, which can easily be slip into your pocket.

: A revolutionary computer in shape of a pen that shapes future and is surely a revolution maker of IT industry. The technology produces both the monitor and the keyboard on any flat surface. This revolutionary computer i.e. pen features Bluetooth technology which in fact makes possible for device to recognize a person’s key-presses and inputs from a flat surface where the device is projecting the visuals of a virtual keyboard.

Such technologies are the key-technologies of this revolutionary and enlightened world. This ultimate gadget is known as P-ISM, it includes a virtual keyboard, camera scanner, a tiny projector, a cellular phone (pen style) and personal ID key. There is actually a set of P-ISM which is connected with one another through Bluetooth technology. The entire set is also connected to the internet through the cellular phone function, thus enables the ultimate omnipresent computing.

Soon you’ll have mini PC in your Pocket. 

BrainGate neural interface system

BrainGate Neural Interface System
"Turning thought into Action"

Have you ever seen a paralyzed person working by his own?, If no, then you are going to see it very soon.Yes… it has been made possible by scientists in a clinical research. They made it possible to command a robotic arm with the thought of the user.

This trial was conducted by the collaborative effort of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Brown University, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and the German Aerospace Center, using an investigational device named as BrainGate neural interface system. The device uses BCI(Brain Computer Interface)system, which enables the control of the robots using brain commands.

According to a report published in, two persons who are paralyzed with the stroke, were able to control the robotic arm to reach and grasp the water bottle. For the trial of the brain gate system a very tiny sensor(which is a silicon microelectrode array) with 96 tiny hair-like appendages was implanted in the brain to capture the signals of underlying intentional movement. 

It was the first time when the woman took the trial, and the trial was quite successful. After the trial lead investigator and critical care neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, Leigh Hochberg said,"The smile on her face was a remarkable thing to see. For all of us involved, we were encouraged that the research is making the kind of progress that we had all hoped"

The trial was conducted on two individuals to compare them, one was named as S3(58 year old woman shown in Pic.) and the other one was an 66 year old man recognized as T2. According to the report test was successful and the conclusions show that the system is not as fast as it should be and the machine was able to response faster for able-bodied persons as compared to paraplegics.

For sure, BrainGate is a life changing technology and a revolutionary device that gives renewed hope to quadriplegics, paraplegicsand other people who are suffering from spinal cord injuries and strokes, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis etc. Moreover, it has all the potential to revolutionize the way all of our brains work and react.

The persons who want to be a part of the trail can apply for the recruitment of the cadidates, Stanford University and Massachusetts General Hospital are actively recruiting participants for their clinical trials.  Hoping to see it very soon as a part of their life. 

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mind Controlled Games

Imagine that you are controlling all of the objects of a game with the help of your thoughts only by relaxing your mind. Have you ever thought of such kind of magic?? But in today’s world it is not a magic rather it has become a reality.

Science fiction has been made a reality by the companies like NeuroSky that are giving users the power to controls screen elements exclusively with your thought control without the help of any mouse or keyboard.

This has been made possible with the help of headsets which are affordable that are able to determine the state of the mind of a person. 

A sensor is present in the headsets that is able to detect the state of your mind and after detecting the signal the analog signal is transferred to the digital signal with the help of a chip and then finally the signal travels wirelessly to the computer.

Mindflex game by Mattel and Star Wars force trainer toy of Uncle Milton Inc. have already incorporated this technology into apparatus of video games and novelty toys.
Mindflex Game, The Secret World, Mind Games, Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind are some of the games that have made use of this technology and are available on the sites of Walmart and Amazon. 

Emotiv Systems has optimized the popular games like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft by providing a package that includes a reading device for brainwaves without the help of mouse or keyboard.

MindHunter, desktop game provides players to fire a weapon if they are able to focus on the game single mindedly.

Mind Controlled Video Games have not reached up to superb effect but they are still cool to be used at this stage. NecoMiMi headset has become very popular among other headsets that is run by mind. Brainwave Headset of Mindwave Mobile is compatible with desktop computers, Android phones and iOS devices.

Behavior modification can be done with the help of this technology which will provide help in relieving the stress of people from their busy schedule.

You don’t need to use any mouse or keyboard or point a laser stick towards the screen, so this technology can be used as an asset for physiologically handicapped persons also.

Until now the devices that has been made are able to read only the difference between relaxed state of mind and simple concentrated state, so there is no danger that these devices can read all of your thoughts if you have a lot of secrets!!!

Further development is taking place in making of more advance products by which the brain activity can be directly translated into the on screen activity. The more advance devices will pick up the brain’s electrical signals and will be able to send them to the connected devces like smartphones by converting those signals into information.