Thursday, 28 June 2012

Rotating Tower Skyscraper

Dubai is famous for its ludicrous lavishness and adding in this a new surprise has come up in the line – Rotating Tower Skyscraper.

Rotating Tower Skyscraper is going to be a building with Dynamic Architecture which is capable of rotating by having a constant motion making  each of its floor to rotate, spin and move around to change its shape constantly… Amazing!!!

This is one of the conjure and practical application of the newest technology made by human that is going to become a reality by the developers in Dubai.

‘Dynamic Architecture’ is the principle used by David Fisher, Florentine architect which has been used for the plan of making ‘Rotating Tower in Motion’ and this type of experiment has never been done before.

Each floor will rotate independent of the other one with a full angle of 360 degrees. Adding to this pioneer, enough electricity will also be produced by the building for itself and even for surrounding buildings also.. How so much electricity will come???

Actually, 48 wind turbines are going to be fitted between each of the floor that will be going to rotate and positioning of the solar panels will be done on the roof of the whole of the building and thus sunlight and wind will be the natural resources for generating this much amount of electricity and this will be the real innovation...

The Rotating Tower is going to consist of 59 rotating floors or more correctly can be called as modules, all of which will have a view of the outside world that will be constantly shifted.

The speed of rotating is 6 m/s so that the rotation will not get noticed by the residents. Designs that will be very complex are going to be made with the constantly changing exterior due to the independent rotation.

The skyscraper will be 313 m in height and will consists of 68 floors including apartments, offices and 6 star hotel and 5 grand villas on the top floor. Wanna have one for you!!!

The ‘Penthouse’ villa will be going to have a garden, Arabian majlis and a swimming pool and special elevators will be there for the transfer of the vehicles from down to top.

For maintaining the tower’s dynamic architecture, an extending platform of heliport will also be made on the top floor which will extend from its shell at the time of landing.

This is unbelievable and astounding phenomenon but will become a reality soon with the help of the newly established technologies...

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Forthcoming Revolutionary Computers: Carry PC in your Pocket

Scientists have always come out with some amazing technologies that beyond doubt shape our future; further Technologies have some freaking scientific concept behind it.

 Have a look at this thing:

What comes in your mind?? Pens, that’s obviously pens with cameras, Right?!  A BIG No!! If you think that this pen sort of instrument is just a pen with a camera! Then you are very wrong!

Scientists from Japan have developed a pen sort of device that projects a monitor and a keyboard on any flat surface which can be used as a desktop without any kind of difficulty. All you need then is just a pen with PC inside it, which can easily be slip into your pocket.

: A revolutionary computer in shape of a pen that shapes future and is surely a revolution maker of IT industry. The technology produces both the monitor and the keyboard on any flat surface. This revolutionary computer i.e. pen features Bluetooth technology which in fact makes possible for device to recognize a person’s key-presses and inputs from a flat surface where the device is projecting the visuals of a virtual keyboard.

Such technologies are the key-technologies of this revolutionary and enlightened world. This ultimate gadget is known as P-ISM, it includes a virtual keyboard, camera scanner, a tiny projector, a cellular phone (pen style) and personal ID key. There is actually a set of P-ISM which is connected with one another through Bluetooth technology. The entire set is also connected to the internet through the cellular phone function, thus enables the ultimate omnipresent computing.

Soon you’ll have mini PC in your Pocket. 

BrainGate neural interface system

BrainGate Neural Interface System
"Turning thought into Action"

Have you ever seen a paralyzed person working by his own?, If no, then you are going to see it very soon.Yes… it has been made possible by scientists in a clinical research. They made it possible to command a robotic arm with the thought of the user.

This trial was conducted by the collaborative effort of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Brown University, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and the German Aerospace Center, using an investigational device named as BrainGate neural interface system. The device uses BCI(Brain Computer Interface)system, which enables the control of the robots using brain commands.

According to a report published in, two persons who are paralyzed with the stroke, were able to control the robotic arm to reach and grasp the water bottle. For the trial of the brain gate system a very tiny sensor(which is a silicon microelectrode array) with 96 tiny hair-like appendages was implanted in the brain to capture the signals of underlying intentional movement. 

It was the first time when the woman took the trial, and the trial was quite successful. After the trial lead investigator and critical care neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, Leigh Hochberg said,"The smile on her face was a remarkable thing to see. For all of us involved, we were encouraged that the research is making the kind of progress that we had all hoped"

The trial was conducted on two individuals to compare them, one was named as S3(58 year old woman shown in Pic.) and the other one was an 66 year old man recognized as T2. According to the report test was successful and the conclusions show that the system is not as fast as it should be and the machine was able to response faster for able-bodied persons as compared to paraplegics.

For sure, BrainGate is a life changing technology and a revolutionary device that gives renewed hope to quadriplegics, paraplegicsand other people who are suffering from spinal cord injuries and strokes, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis etc. Moreover, it has all the potential to revolutionize the way all of our brains work and react.

The persons who want to be a part of the trail can apply for the recruitment of the cadidates, Stanford University and Massachusetts General Hospital are actively recruiting participants for their clinical trials.  Hoping to see it very soon as a part of their life. 

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mind Controlled Games

Imagine that you are controlling all of the objects of a game with the help of your thoughts only by relaxing your mind. Have you ever thought of such kind of magic?? But in today’s world it is not a magic rather it has become a reality.

Science fiction has been made a reality by the companies like NeuroSky that are giving users the power to controls screen elements exclusively with your thought control without the help of any mouse or keyboard.

This has been made possible with the help of headsets which are affordable that are able to determine the state of the mind of a person. 

A sensor is present in the headsets that is able to detect the state of your mind and after detecting the signal the analog signal is transferred to the digital signal with the help of a chip and then finally the signal travels wirelessly to the computer.

Mindflex game by Mattel and Star Wars force trainer toy of Uncle Milton Inc. have already incorporated this technology into apparatus of video games and novelty toys.
Mindflex Game, The Secret World, Mind Games, Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind are some of the games that have made use of this technology and are available on the sites of Walmart and Amazon. 

Emotiv Systems has optimized the popular games like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft by providing a package that includes a reading device for brainwaves without the help of mouse or keyboard.

MindHunter, desktop game provides players to fire a weapon if they are able to focus on the game single mindedly.

Mind Controlled Video Games have not reached up to superb effect but they are still cool to be used at this stage. NecoMiMi headset has become very popular among other headsets that is run by mind. Brainwave Headset of Mindwave Mobile is compatible with desktop computers, Android phones and iOS devices.

Behavior modification can be done with the help of this technology which will provide help in relieving the stress of people from their busy schedule.

You don’t need to use any mouse or keyboard or point a laser stick towards the screen, so this technology can be used as an asset for physiologically handicapped persons also.

Until now the devices that has been made are able to read only the difference between relaxed state of mind and simple concentrated state, so there is no danger that these devices can read all of your thoughts if you have a lot of secrets!!!

Further development is taking place in making of more advance products by which the brain activity can be directly translated into the on screen activity. The more advance devices will pick up the brain’s electrical signals and will be able to send them to the connected devces like smartphones by converting those signals into information.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Revolutionary Football capturing Energy

Students Jessica Lin, Julia Silverman, Jessica Matthews, Hemali Thakkaras in engineering class at Harvard have invented a football named 'Soccket' (an energy-capturing soccer ball)  that captures energy created when kicked and converts the captured energy later into electricity, is all set to help provide a power solution for developing countries. Soccket stores energy from play for later use as portable power source in developing countries.  

Bill clinton, Energy power, electricity generation, jessica Mathews, Hemali thkkars, Harvard University

Named as Soccket, the revolutionary ball builds up enough energy to power a light for three hours from just 30 minutes of play. This invention makes itself fairly innovative and cost-efficient and an indeed development for developing countries, costs only a little more than a normal football to produce.

Bill Clinton illustrated the concept, which was the innovation of Harvard students Jessica Lin, Julia Silverman, Jessica Matthews, Hemali Thakkaras and Aviva Presser, as ‘extraordinary’.

“It’s an off-grid solution that gives us a way to bring power and improved quality of life, working capacity and learning capacity,” the Daily Mail quoted Clinton as saying.

The idea unites football, the world’s most popular sport, with the huge need for electrical energy in developing countries - a confounding one in five citizens around the globe are exclusive of power.

This practice of electricity generation from a play uses inductive coil technology, which involves having a metal coil and magnetic slug that goes forwards and backwards.

Currently, Soccket can be used with an ac adapter, designers are hoping to make it enable for other products to be charged by it in the future.

Initial inspiration for this innovation came from hi-tech dance floors technology, which can capture enegy from dancers’ movements.

Read what Development Team said:

Add caption
“The idea was come together and using art and science pick an issue and try to make it better,” Matthews said.

“We started to think about the time we’d spent overseas and we’d all had this similar experience of seeing kids play. These kids aren’t allowed to be children for very long. They have to deal with very serious issues in their lives every single day.

 “Sometimes giving these kids the ball before we even show them the power generation part is such an amazing thing because they have a ball which doesn’t require inflation - you are telling them that the tooth fairy does exist,” she added.

Silverman further said that apart from noticing the universal love for soccer they also noticed the huge market for safe, sustainable immediate power access.

Sunday, 24 June 2012


Lightsaberis an elegant formal weapon of Jedi Knight for cutting things which cannot be cut using ordinary tools. It can be used both as a fusioncutter and blaster but it is generally used for more sophisticated cutting.

A blade of light that is about 1.33 meters long is projected from the hilt which is polished by metal. Jedi order and Sith counterpart are used for this signature weapon, and blaster bolts can be deflected by both of these.

The blades gets light up from bottom to top with a sound produced and gets faded from top to bottom again with a sound. A sound of loud crackle is produced if the blade of lightsaber is bring into the contact of any object or another lightsaber.

Sound effect will be triggered by each waveand with each crash of one light saber with other lightsaber producing a loud explosion of sound.

Original Star Wars film that has come up in 1997 has used lightsaber as a fictional weapon that has been given the name “laser sword”. After that, at least one lightsaber combat has been featured in every Star Wars movie (expect The Star Wars Special movie) till now date. In the Expanded Universe, some of the exotic saber proof materials has been given a lot of fame.

It is a very harmful tool if used as a fighting tool as it leaves cauterized wounds in flesh that are harmful for everybody. An energy shield or another ligthsaber’s blade can be used to deflect the effect.

ebayhas also sold lightsabers, so we can gauge the popularity of lightsaber by this. Daily life can be made easier by the use of this fabulous plasma weapon by using it for a variety of daily household work like cutting, however until now this technology has been taken for granted.

Lightsaber for household work is a very sophisticated gadget as a refined technology has been used in its principle or working. So, get ready to hang out for more and more of lightsaber’s usage in the upcoming time…

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Spy in the Sky: Eyes on You

Technology has made life easier, safe and secure. Along with the benefits technologies enclose, it has always come up with some thrilling stuff.

Military-grade cameras have been developed in US, with more powerful characteristics that they can even see into homes, and can produce four inches wide 3D objects. So now there is going to be a new tech peep into the privacy of your room.

Generally search engine giant will be focusing on this practice by using its spy planes that will be helping in creating 3-d maps with much more detail than its satellite-derived Google Earth images.

Google and Apple will use new hi-tech mapping planes that can film into homes and windows through skylights, putting privacy at risk. The Spy in the Sky Technology is pretty much similar to that used by intelligence agencies in tracking terrorist targets in any country.

Google has admitted to having sent spy planes over cities, and is expecting to have 3D coverage of towns and cities with a combined population of 300 million, however Google has not revealed any locations so far. If talked about Apple, it has acquired a firm using this technology that has been tested on over 20 locations, including London.

Apple revealed its new mapping app for its iPhone and other devices along with privacy safeguard. Current 3D mapping technology relies on aerial images with much lower resolution than the Apple is thought to be using.
Whenever user ‘zoom’ in any image, details tend to be lost because of that poor image quality, all because of aerial images produced by satellite, one of the reason behind  there must be a new consideration of enhancing the quality image production.

Apple would use Google for its mapping services before getting emerged with C3 technologies. Apple actually bought C3 technologies, a 3D mapping company that uses technology developed by Saab AB, the aerospace and defense company.

Sky planes would be flying too quickly and at too great a height to access domestic Wifi networks, and is fairly able to picture around 40 square miles every hour. The next generation of maps is taking us over the garden fence.
This technology is a menacing development that brings the surveillance society a step closer.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Energy Harvesting Knee Strap

Because of the continuous decrement in the energy resources, it is a really necessary to conserve and harvest the energy and for doing this scientists from all over the world are giving the all possible efforts. In addition to the Energy harvesting, a team of researchers from Cranfield University,  University of Salford and the University of Liverpool have invented a energy harvesting knee strap, which will be attached to the outer side of your knee and will convert your mechanical energy into the electrical energy, when you walk with the straps on. 


The device consists of an outer ring fitted with 72 plectra and a central hub with four protruding arms. When the blend in the knee takes place the outer ring of the device rotates and plectras pluck energy generating arms which causes vibrations in the arms and causes electricity generation. these arms are not simple are these are some type of piezoelectric devices called Bimorph. these piezoelectric devices are capable of converting mechanical energy into electric energy.


At this time the instrument is capable of generating around 20mW of power but it is said that a few improvements can make it to more than 30mW.

Talking about the cost of the device lead author of the study Dr Michele Pozzi said, “There is an on-going project looking at manufacturing a more compact and truly wearable harvester. At the moment we are using precise but cost effective manufacturing techniques for the plectra and casing and anticipate that remaining parts will be moulded industrially, slashing the cost. I'd put a cost tag of less than £10 for each harvester on a large scale production."

this device weighs around 10 kg and it is also considered to reduce the weight of the device and make it wearable for all.

In near future these kind of devices will be able to power up your GPS devices, Heart rate monitors, pedometers and accelerometers and will be ridding all your batteries off.

Intel Next-Gen Ivy Bridge Processors with 3D Transistors

Intel comes again with something new changing the era, a new tri-gate transistor technology installed into its Ivy Bridge processors, plugging the 22 nanometer new chips. Its 22 nanometer chips are the smallest chips ever, featuring sophisticated processor performance and reducing power supply needed. Generally these chips enhance the processor’s performance ratio by 20% using 20% less average power supply.

Intel has officially announced this new achievement. This technology is implemented to enhance processing power while reducing the amount of energy considered necessary. Intel had stated in an interview that this launch will be Intel’s fastest ramp ever.

Intel is also in development of further Dual-Core processors, suitable for thin-laptops, which will be announced later this spring, and looking forward to launch 13 quad-core processors, generally targeting desktop computers.

Traditional planar chip design (left) and Intel's new Tri-Gate technology (right)

With this 3D transistors technology Intel has managed to improve both performance and energy efficiency with least cost increase. What Intel actually did behind this development was, creating a three-dimensional transistor instead of just shrinking the transistor in 2-dimension. Graphics are the key role in advancement for the processors. Ivy brigde supports 4k resolutions and most amazingly features 60% performance boost over the current generation Sandy Bridge chips.

Quantum Teleportation

Have you ever dreamed of being present at two places at the same time??? Don’t get surprised by this as with the rate by which technologies are developing this dream will become a reality one day.

Teleportation is a phenomenon in which a beam of an object or a person is shown in another place by replicating its copy. Quantum teleportation is somehow different from simple teleportation and in this technique, two photons are entangled in such a way that if the state of one of them is altered then there will be alteration in the state of other one automatically as if they were connected with each other. Thus the information can be transported from one place to another.

Scientists of Japan and Australia have used this technique and made a ‘teleporter’ and a ‘paradoxical cat’ with the help of which they are able to achieve a new breakthrough in communication field. The cat term is used to refer to the ‘wave packets’ of light which represents Schrodinger’s Cat, the famous thought experiment.

Wave packets of light or we can say complex set of quantum information or quantum states have been successfully teleported from one place to another without actual transfer of a particle between them.

Actually, a macroscopic beam of light was taken and a quantum superposition is applied on it and is teleported from one place to another. Superposition provides power to quantum computers, and in parallel processing, a same thing needs to be different (like one and zero) at different places. 

High fidelity transmission of a large amount of information like quantum encryption keys with a very high speed is now possible through communications networks. The greatest distance covered with the help of this technology is 143 km over the sea stretch which separates two Canary Islands.

In simple terms, the information which is present in the form of light has been manipulated by destroying it in one spot and recreating at another place, so that it exists in two places at the same time. 

This achievement could pave the way for applying this technology between ground stations and the satellites. Thus, near future is coming up with the means of quantum communications applications as its milestone…

Monday, 18 June 2012

NASA launches NuSTAR "An X-ray Telescope to find Black holes in the space"

NASA started its two year mission of finding black holes and other hardly detectable energetic celestial objects in the space. For this mission, NASA designed an X-Ray telescope.  Talking about the mission, NASA claimed that they will be able to see the things, never seen before.
Project scientist for  Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array( NuSTAR) said, "We are going to open up the high-energy window on the universe". He also said,"It's going to teach us a lot about the universe, from what heats the atmosphere of the sun to understanding black holes." 

This High energy X-rays telescope has been boosted in to the space, boarding on an Orbital Sciences Pegasus rocket(only rocket that launches from the plane) on 13th June, 2012 from Reagan Test Site, Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific Ocean.  Only Kwajalein Atoll is chosen for the launch because of it is situated very close to the equator. 

Talking about Kwajalein, Omar Baez, launch director for NASA's Launch Services Program said, "It's a very tight community there in Kwajalein". He also siad, "These folks are basically 3,000 miles removed from any conventional civilization. But it's also in the south Pacific, so it's a very nice place to be. I it's as close to what you'd imagine an island in the Pacific is."

NuSTAR is very small in size and weighs around 775 lbs. This High Energy Telescope, NuSTAR did not leave Earth orbit for exploration, It is attached  to  this winged Pegasus rocket in an orbit close to the equator and uses solar system for power consumption.  

After a week in the space, it will expand to a span of 33 foot and focus on the X rays, the spacecraft sees, with the sensors fixed on the ends.

For launching this telescope NASA used air launch from a carrier aircraft(Stargazer) instead of launching from the Launch Pad, Because it is costly to launch from the launch pad than the Air launch. The mission cost is approximated to about $170 million. 

For this mission the whole team of NASA's Chandra and Fermi missions are teamed up with some great officials, for observing the cosmetic objects and finding other energies in the universe. As per the discussions it is confirmed that this mission of NASA, is going to get some hot information, hope they find what they find.

OS X Mountain Lion

OS X Mountain Lion is the most popular desktop operating system that comes up with more than 200 features like iCloud,iChat etc and is introduced by Apple. Through iCloud, account dates can be easily accessed across all devices and it is easier to set up your mail, contacts, calendar, messages, reminders and notes.

OS X Mountain Lion has new message applications iChat and iMessage so that we can easily send messages to anyone with an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or any other Mac device. Attachments, high quality photos and HD video can also be added and iMessages keeps the track of all the devices so you are able to do a conversation from wherever you have left. iMessage includes group messaging, delivery and read receipts, typing indicators and secure end-to-end encryption techniques. The Messages app also supports instant messaging services, including AIM, Yahoo, Google Talk and many more.

OS X Mountain Lion has four major parts:

iCloud: It keeps the content up to date for every device used by you.

Messages: It sends unlimited messages to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac from your Mac device.

Notification Center: To use mail, messages, reminders, alerts, and more for seeing what’s new for you at one place

Sharing: Posting on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Vimeo directly from the application you are using.

Features of OS X Mountain Lion:
  • New Messages app
  • Notification Center
  • System-wide Sharing
  • Facebook integration
  • Dictation
  • Power Nap
  • AirPlay Mirroring
  • Game Center and
  • Enhanced security of Gatekeeper
System requirements

  •     OS X v10.6.8 or later
  •     2 GB of RAM
  •    8 GB of hard disk 

Thursday, 14 June 2012

morph technology

Nokia is coming up with the Nokia Morph flexible Mobile Phone with the nanotechnology developed by Nokia Research Center  and  MORPH comes with a Transform Quickly and Change Shape and Morph Technology Based Upon Nano Technology.

Application Of Nano Technolgy In Morph:

  • Capable of delivering flexible materials, transparent electronics, and self-cleaning surfaces.
  • Mobile phones can be folded, turned into bracelet and the colour can also be changed completely.
  • Liquid batteries to enable the flexibility and transparency of the materials used.

Morph is a amazing concept that the mobiles will be stretchable and flexible in future . It also allowing the user to transform these devices indifferent shapes radically. These concept device will be a perfect example of the functionality of nano technology of performing flexible materials, transparent electronics and self-cleaning surfaces.These Morph phone can be used in wrist with Wrist Mode. 

Features of morph technology

  • Self-Cleaning
  • Advanced Power Sources
  • Sensing the Environment
  • Devices become self-cleaning and self-preserving
  • stretchable and flexible 
  • allowing the user to transform their mobile device into radically different
  • ultimate functionality
  • flexible materials, transparent electronics and self-cleaning surfaces

D ROLL Laptop

D-roll or Digital roll Laptop is a new remarkable concept which has the same shape and same function as traditional laptops have. D-roll has long tube shape which is inspired from the storage concept mostly used by the artists, designers etc. D-roll Laptop is multifunctional laptop with a roll of OLED display. D-roll Laptop has a very cool design and also containing a slide out keyboard and a mouse and a webcam to be used as covers for the case.

The D-Roll has two modes of functioning:
  • Full function Mode and
  • E-mail mode.
In full functions mode: In its full functional mode all the peripherals are attached and
In the E-mail mode: The main display screen is switched off and a smaller screen attached to the main body of the tube is switched on.

The D-Roll solves overheating  traditional problems of standard laptops as the D-Roll uses a unique cooling system that allows air flow to cool the system inside and out and creating air circulation sending heat from inside the system and then out acting like an exhaust.

Features of D-roll Laptop

  • A roll up OLED screen
  • A slide out keyboard, mouse and a detachable webcam
  • Efficiency
  • Unique cooling system
  • Very user-friendly
  • Flexible screen perhaps
  • Fingerprint Lock
  • Flexible OLED display

Biometrics Technology

Biometrics Technology is a latest Technology specially designed for unique identity security and able to help to reduce the incidences of defense, violation and identity the theft.

Biometrics Devices are live scan systems that digitally capture Fingerprints scans, Iris Scan, Retina Scan or other Facial Recognition Information and then register that personal recognition information into their databases for future identification. And the most important use of biometrics is security; it is also used as the computer interface.

Biometric applications are being used for authenticating the person’s identity. With the use of various features including fingerprints, face and signature a person can be identified. Identification method is being preferred over conventional PIN and passwords and also overcomes necessity of remembering passwords and Pins.

 Features of Biometrics Technology

  •  Easy understanding of identification and authentication.
  •  Better understanding of handwritten signature, voice, typing.
  •  Flexible, scalable
  •  Security
  •  Solving identity-related challenges of particular grandness
  •  Remembering passwords and Pins 

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Virtual Contact Lenses

Virtual Contact Lenses is tiny, full-colored displays that Digital images can be projected onto to better situational awareness in intelligence, surveillance. And a contact lens that allows virtual graphics to be seamlessly overlaid on the real world could provide a compelling augmented reality experience.

The lenses function is a special set of polarizing filters which separate high intensity display light and an internal magnifying lens that focuses the light into a single narrow beam. The effect is that each set of light rays is transferred independently to the Retina, permitting users to simultaneously focus on far away and close up visuals, in a full field of view.

A contact lens contains a single LED pixel, a custom made integrated circuit and an antenna. And it offers the first real potential for immersive virtual reality. And also contain full color mega pixel displays which can project a virtual 3D world over your eyes, or supplement your existing surroundings with augmented reality.

Air Clicker invisible camera

Air Clicker invisible camera is a thumb Or forefinger camera containing lens, Digital storage media like MMC, SD card and shutter mechanism and its concept is same as other cameras such as Sony, Nikon and Canon but the only difference is that lens is mounted on blue-tooth enabled thumb Ring that is capable to responds to a motion sensor wrapping up by bendable finger. So you can wear a camera on your thumb and shutter button on your forefinger. When your finger goes to ‘Clicking’ action then lens read its position and take the picture. The picture is sent to a Bluetooth-connected Mobile Phone, which acts as an extension of the camera assembly.

Air Clicker is Bluetooth enabled device being connected with Smartphone and this camera basically consists of two modules:

  • One is for a thumb and
  •  Other is for forefinger.

 Air Clicker consists of two rings, one of which itself is directly the camera button and its on-off switch, and another track finger position in space and you can control the functions of this unusual camera. In order to make pictures with the Air Clicker, you need to make a characteristic gesture – sticking two fingers thumb and index fingers and simulate the shutter index with Air Clicker, you can also shoot videos.


HoverMast is a Light weighted intelligence-gathering tethered flying machine Technology specially designed for small vehicles and The ‘HoverMast’ is developed by Israeli in Sky Sapience Company.

HoverMast is a general purpose intelligence gathering craft that can carry up to 9 kilograms of equipment like radar systems or sensors and Data can be transmitted down to a nearby ground station or, via integrated data links. It attaches to a small vehicle like a car or truck by a combination power and data cable.

The HoverMast is stored in a compact housing unit that can be mounted on any vehicle generally small vehicles in particular: cars, pick-up trucks, unmanned ground or surface vehicles (UGV/USV), ATVs, and small naval craft, making the system especially suited for Special Forces, border and port protection, and infantry missions.

Features of HoverMast:

  •     Has hard-wired power connection.
  •     Is includes real time video cameras capable of both day and night-time.
  •     HoverMast can be landed and stowed in 10-15 seconds.
  •     Station keeping is indefinitely
  •     Electricity powered from the ground
And is mainly used for

  •     Port security
  •     Federal and local law enforcement
  •     Anti-terror activities
  •     Critical infrastructure protection
  •     Mega event protection and crowd control
  •     Special forces, infantry and naval operations
  •     Urban warfare
  •     Battle information fusion

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Mind Reading Computers

IBM expects to make a Mind Reading Computer i.e. a computer that fully work according to your thoughts. The user just needs to wear a specialized headset which would translate the signals coming from your mind and then send it to the paired computerfor next responding steps. 


Devices allowing people to write letters or play pinball using just the power of their brains, have become a major draw at the world's biggest high-tech fair. People who have no other means of communication can start to control a computer that can produce words for them or they can manipulate what happens in a robot and allow themto interact with the world.

Features of Mind Reading Computer

  • Mind-reading computer program that decodes brain activity into words
  • Power will come to life.
  • You will never need a password again.
  • Mind reading is no longer science fiction.
  • The digital divide will cease to exist.
  • Junk mail will become priority mail.

Torch White LED Light Glove

LED is a personal lighting device designed by Tilen Sepic with a new conceptual torch light that will make you feel like you are Cyclops from the X-Men. LED lighting requires little energy and produces little heat. It is realistic to package into a glove-like device. The bright, clear and shadow less light is idyllic for hands-free task lighting, produce a working light without the hassle of shadows being reflected in the object.

The device is supposed to be worn like a glove around the wrist and the light is emitted through the white LED which is a part of the device. The device also include a battery pack with the light being transferred through the attached optical fibers to a specified location as show in picture…

Features of Torch White LED Light Glove:

  •      Multi-task  glove with LED lights.
  •     LED light can be positioned in one of four directions.
  •     Useful to see in confined dark spaces.
  •     Enhanced battery backup and generally provide up to 14 hours of use.
  •     The light being transferred through the attached optical fibers to a specified location.
  •     Makes crazy tracing patterns with your hands in the dark.
  •     Smooth surface inside – no wires.

Eye Tracking

Now a day’s eye tracking is a very useful method to collect data. It is easy to collect quantitative data via eye tracking and the data can also be evaluated qualitatively.Eye tracking is the process of measuring eye positions and eye movement and the motion of an eye relative to the head or where we are looking. Eye Tracking technology is used heavily in usability research, Where people are looking on a webpage, and how do their eyes move around it. And this technology will be combined with augmented reality to create a near-invisible and natural user interface called information glasses. And can be integrated with a large TV display to create a natural user interaction.

Eye Tracking allows the user to engage with the display. The user can control the intelligent user interface using their eyes, hand movements, and voice commands.

 There are two things about eye tracking are-

  •  Actionable results and
  •  Easy to understand reporting.
Eye trackers are used in research on the visual system, psychology, cognitive linguistics and product design and it is also a useful method when researching, for example: reading process or traffic behavior while driving. It seems to be clear that the right kind of settlement on the search interfaces matters. So, finally collecting data via eye tracking and analyzing the data is one way to improve usability and searching process on the WWW pages.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Windows RT

Windows RT is known as Windows on ARM and its a version of the Microsoft Windows operating system for ARM devices like tablets. It will run software including Windows RT,Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and The name Windows RT was announced on April 16 - 2012.

Microsoft has released minimum hardware requirements for new tablet and convertible devices designed for Windows RT.There are five types of buttons for Windows RT are- "Power", "Rotation lock", "Windows Key", "Volume-up", "Volume-down". and Microsoft requires that Windows 8 touch PCs use digitizers supporting  the touch points.   

  • Mobile Broadband
  • Display
  • Near field communication
  • Storage
  • Graphics
  • Camera
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • USB 2.0
  • Networking
  • Built-in speaker and microphone

The software giant's first operating system optimized for ARM-based processors is expected to arrive as part of Microsoft's Windows 8 launch later this year. PCMag asked industry analyst Pat Moorhead, principal at Moor Insights & Strategy to give us a company-by-company breakdown of what to expect from Microsoft partners when Windows RT arrives.

According to Moorhead Nvidia is in the lead amongst the handful of chip makers working with device makers to ready Windows RT products.They were the only chip maker to show a real, production ready Windows RT system with one of their partners at Computex.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Nokia Asha 311

Nokia Asha 311 is a Smart phone with 3" capacitive touch screen, 3.2MP camera, 1GHz processor, microSDHC card slot and GPS.Nokia has added touch screen features to its Asha range of Mobile by unveiling three new models, Nokia Asha 305, Nokia Asha 306 and Nokia Asha 311 with a 3.5 G capacitive touchscreen device,powered by a 1GHz processor.

Nokia Asha 311 also features a 3.2 MP camera and pre-installed Nokia Maps.Nokia Asha 305 is a dual SIM phone, featuring a 3" WQVGA resistive touch screen along with Bluetooth, Dual Band connectivity and a 2MP camera.Nokia Asha 306 provides WLAN, enabling users to stay connected while on the move. It also supports video streaming through both GPRS and WLAN.Nokia Asha 311 supports the Noika chat,Window Live Messenger,Yahoo Messenger and Google talk and My Space

Nokia Asha 311 specifications

Global phone that can work on any GSM/UMTS network in the world
Small dimensions (4.17 x 2.05 x 0.51 inches)
Fast processor (1000 MHz)


  •     Alarm clock with ring tones
  •     Alarm clock
  •     Calculator
  •     Calendar
  •     Digital clock
  •     Fixed dialling number
  •     Notes
  •     Recorder
  •     Reminders
  •     To-do list
  •     Clock
Display features

  •     Capacitive touch screen
  •     Orientation sensor
  •     Proximity sensor
  •     Ambient light detector
  •     Corning Gorilla Glass
  •     QVGA display
  •     Light time-out
  •     Tactile feedback

Friday, 8 June 2012

Apple HD TV

Apple is going to launch a high-definition television set. It is expected to launch in 15 to 19-inch range powered by the Apple’s mobile OS. It can be used to play videos, play games, run application and handle your social networking sites, like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Apple has already released its Apple TV on January 9, 2007, which is a set-up box that can be used for streaming video to a television.The new Apple TV with 1080p HD gives you access to the best content — blockbuster movies, TV shows, sports, your music and photos, and more — right on your widescreen TV.

Apple TV gives you instant access to endless entertainment. Thousands of HD movies and TV shows from iTunesand .you can play through Apple TV on your HDTV, and music and photos stream from your computer. With Apple TV, you get instant access to buy or rent the hottest HD movies. Search by top movies, title, or genre, Read reviews, watch trailers, and check out Rotten Tomatoes ratings. and you can Buy your favorite TV shows and watch them  without commercials  whenever you like. Apple TV keeps track of your favorite shows, so the next time you turn on your TV, you can quickly see which season you are watching and which episodes are new. Just choose shows with a few clicks of the Apple Remote.

Play your content from your Mac or PC on the big screen and get everyone in on the birthday pics, vacation videos, or party that Click Computers on the Apple TV menu to stream your photos, home videos, and music collection from your Mac or PC. And Apple TV  wirelessly access your content from iCloud.From classics to recent Hollywood blockbusters, Netflix on Apple TV lets you watch even more movies and TV shows in 1080p HD and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound when available.5 Apple TV organizes the huge catalog of streaming titles from Netflix so YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr.The Internet’s most wanted. All the clips and pics you love.

Play all those funny or fascinating videos you come across on YouTube and Vimeo. Browse your friends Flickr photos, Watch HD podcasts,listen to Internet radio through your home speakers  Apple TV makes anything you find on the web hugely entertaining.

Apple HD TV will be Always the best seat in the house.

Samsung Galaxy S3

The Galaxy S3 is a GPS smartphone enabled with A-GPS among Google Maps allowing you to navigate through your city. Be prepared to enjoy an amazing combination of style, performance. Galaxy S3 is based on the Android v4 operating system and 1.4 GHz Quad Core processor with simplicity and sensibility and easy multitasking, rich notifications, customizable home screens, resizable widgets and easy interactivity.

Samsung Galaxy S2 was a most success and now Samsung has been preparing its next version which is Samsung Galaxy S3. This next version is expected to have Exynos 4212 processor with a 4.8-inch HD, capacitive touchscreen that supports 720 x 1280 pixel resolution with 16 M colors and Mali-400 mega pixel graphics and 8 megapixel camera with LED flash.

The S3 is powered by a powerful 2100 mAh Li-Ion battery that supports optimum talk time and standby time. The Samsung Mobile has an internal memory of 16 GB and can be expanded up to 64 GB using micro SD or micro SDHC cards. And enabled with GPRS, EDGE and 3G, and is Wi-Fi enabled and also supports the Wi-Fi hotspot feature that allows the S3 to connect to the mobile network and act as a Wi-Fi router. Also you can create your own Wi-Fi hub wherever you are. The S3 is Bluetooth enabled and has a micro USB port for connectivity. and  Sharing is made even easier allows you to transfer documents, contacts, pictures, music, videos and more by simply placing the backs of your phones together.

Features of Samsung Galaxy S3

1- 12.19cm (4.8") HD Super AMOLED
2- 1.4GHz Quad-Core Processor
3- 8MP Camera Resolution (Rear)
4- S Beam, All Share Play, All Share Cast
5- Pop up play, Best photo
6- DLNA and Wi-Fi Direct
7- S Voice, Social Tag & Direct Call
8- Android v4.0 OS
9- 8MP Primary Camera
10-Secondary Camera Support
11- 4.8-inch Touchscreen